How We Work Together

We’ll collaborate with you at every step of the sales process— from identifying opportunities, to an initial meeting with your client, to preparing a personalized PEO solution, to presenting our proposal.

1 Identify Opportunity

  • Review and qualify client together
  • Schedule appointment with client

2 Qualify Client

  • Learn more about client’s needs
  • Explain PEO value and advantages

3 Develop Proposal

  • Develop personalized solutions and pricing
  • Review proposal together and prep for client meeting

4 Deliver Proposal

  • Present proposal to client together
  • Obtain confirmation of start date

5 Complete Contracting

  • Agree upon final pricing and timing
  • Complete all paperwork and schedule kick-off meeting


With Synuity, you can be confident every step of the way—from initial referral through proposal, activation, enrollment and renewal—because you’ll be partnering with the industry’s most experienced PEO sales and service teams.

Offer competitive compensation.

Our broker partners are paid through our highly competitive residual-based compensation structure with no production requirements.

Work exclusively through broker partners.

We do not recognize other Broker of Record letters and will never compete against you.

Provide Local Sales and Support Teams.

We have dedicated teams of industry professionals that provide you and your clients with personalized sales and service support.

Make it easy to do business with us.

You and your clients will have a great experience through our easy RFP process—our 100% client satisfaction guarantee ensures it.

Give access to insurance industry leaders.

We have established relationships with the largest insurance and benefit providers in the nation to offer your clients affordable Fortune 500 benefits.