Employee Benefits: Vision Plans

Synuity works with each client to develop a unique solution using our expansive suite of benefit options. By creating a compelling portfolio of benefits, we assist our clients in providing a cost-effective solution for retaining the best talent, without the headaches associated with managing multiple vendors.

The top 3 benefits of providing dental plans insurance as an employer are:

  • Attracting talent: Vision insurance, be it included in your benefits plan at the employer’s expense or at the employee’s, will be an exciting prospect for your top candidates.
  • Keeping your current talent: If your current talent’s life has changed (kids or a spouse maybe), where dental and vision are necessary and someone in the family needs this kind of insurance, you can retain good employees by providing this coverage.
  • Differentiating yourself from your competition (as an employer): On the flip side, when you are recruiting new talent, you can be the employer that looks more attractive to potential employees because you offer extra benefits that other employers are not offering.

Synuity Insurance Solutions Provide:

Vision Insurance

Vision Plan Monthly Costs